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Primeval Wood

From Past to Present

We are a micro proprietary company bringing forth non commodity wood products from scarce resources. We take them to their highest and best use, so that a select few will enjoy and revere this remaining vestige.

We also supply a menu of commodity products that will satisfy a more general wood appetite.

Softwood Specialties:

Old Growth V.G. Tidewater Red Cypress (Our premiere specialty)
V.G. Long Leaf and Loblolly Yellow Pine

Band sawn up to 28" wide with wider possibilities in the future.

Imagine the possibilities of 2,000 board feet of matched lumber from only one log.

We also offer: Pecky Cypress, vertical Grain Cypress from Second Growth Logs and Atlantic White Cedar.

Log Home / Timber Frame
Cypress - Cedar - Pine timbers and profiles.

Largest most exclusive recycled heart pine supply, with the ability to fill most any order within two or three weeks.

Hardwood Specialties:

Quarter sawn hardwoods from mature, large diameter, hand selected logs; yielding wider boards than available from commodity suppliers giving end users totally custom options for a unique result.

Species include:

Hickory, Sycamore, True Pecan, Elm, Beech, Maple, Hackberry, Ashe, Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, Red Gum, Wormy Chestnut, Tupelo, Black Locust.

We can process solid slabs up to five feet wide with slow quality drying methods.

Completed by state of the art close tolerance wood working machinery.

Softwood Commodities:

Character Grade: 2nd Growth Cypress, Lumber & Paneling.

Hardwood Commodities:

Hickory Flooring


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