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What We Do

At Primeval Wood, we feel like we are one of a select few companies offering our customers whether, woodworker, boat builder, architect, homeowner, or connoisseur something so special that if we can’t get it for you it doesn’t exist. In some cases we do certain things that are unique to the industry. Try to get 2,000 board feet of slip or sequence matched vertical grain Tidewater Red Cypress lumber from one 16’ log anywhere else. Need a thick wide slab for a free form piece of furniture? Look no further!

That’s what we can do. We hold logs or timbers in largest form possible to satisfy custom orders. We also specialize in wide vertical grain or quarter sawn lumber from large diameter slow growing trees. To compliment this we also offer a variety of recycled lumber, spalted lumber, as well as certain commodity items. We offer any type of wood machining with the exception of end matching on flooring.


We offer quality steam drying at this time with dehumidification soon to come. In some cases air dying is the correct solution. Kiln drying is not a cure all for every application. Let us provide for you what we think is the best method for your specific use.
We can S2S. up to 36” wide and machine profile up to 16” wide in one pass. Wider profiles are case by case custom basis only. We can wide belt sand up to 48”.

Certain custom orders require adequate air drying, so be sure to plan in advance. Due to the unique things we do there is a down side in that those items are not sitting in the warehouse.

Sawing Methods:

Grade Sawing
Flat Sawing
Live Sawing
European Style Flitch Sawing
Japanese Style Rift and Quarter Sawing
Slip Matching
Sequence Matching (all matching- giving you the ability to have consecutive pieces of matched lumber)
Book Matching
V.G. :vertical grain softwoods
Quarter Sawn hardwoods
Cants-Timbers-Log home profiles

Terms: 50% payment down 50% payment after completion
Inquiries responded to by offers
Orders responded to by quotes/contracts
Customer pays freight
Method: certified check or money order

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